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"Get Your Dog in the Zone"


venomwebpage2.jpg- Mission Statement -

As the populations of dogs grow, the knowledge of their behavior seems to decrease, creating unhappy households and more euthanized dogs in our society.

I have spent my whole life learning to understand the canine and I strive to educate other people.

In understanding these principles any dog can be trained to ensure happiness and compatibility for owner and their furry best friends to make the world a better place one dog at a time.


How is the K-9 Zone different?-

All dogs are different and just like people, learn differently. No one method works for all people-all dogs-all the time. I use a diverse method of training according to the dog, family and environment.

I truly love and care about dogs and all the people involved with them. I love what I do.

How dogs learn and dog behavior is a whole life learning process that is on-going. I will never stop learning and in doing so, keep abreast of the latest and best training techniques to pass on to you, the owner. I train the owner first and then your dog.

Changing and saving lives (both human and canine) through the gift of a well-trained, obedient dog that is compatible and lives in harmony with his owner is my commitment.

I am a well-rounded, certified, professional trainer with knowledge and skills in basic to advanced obedience, agility, protection, scent detection, tracking, Schutzhund, show, service and dealing with behavior problems and aggressive dogs.

The K-9 Zone, LLC continues professional development by reading relevant material; attending conferences, work shops and seminars; and pursuing other educational opportunities.